BANANAS for bananas

BANANAS for bananas

After a long day of hard work at school, you come to dancing ready to exercise, have fun and of course, dance. But how ready are you for your dance class?

Having a nutritious, delicious and convenient snack is the best way to feel mentally and physically prepared for whatever your coach has in store for you at the studio.

This is why we are BANANAS for bananas!!!

Still not ready to throw a banana in your snack box for your next lesson? Here are more benefits:

  • Bananas help to protect your muscles against cramps both during and after workouts.
  • Due to the high levels of tryptophan, bananas can improve your mood.
  • With few calories and about 3 grams of fibre, they can aid in weight loss.
  • Bananas help to reduce swelling, strengthen your body’s nervous system, protect against type II diabetes, remove unwanted chemicals from your liver and kidneys and assist with the production of white blood cells in your body. Thank you high levels of vitamin B-6!
  • Bananas have been proven to lower blood pressure and protect against heart attacks and strokes as they are high in potassium and low in salt.
  • And for that last added benefit… the manganese in bananas helps improve your skin.

Bananas tick every box.

With the perfect balance of complex carbohydrates and B-vitamins for a steady and constant blood sugar rise, bananas give you that sustained energy you need when “last time” has been going for the last 30 minutes.

With all these added benefits, over and above being quick, easy AND delicious, bananas have definitely earned a spot in our dance bag!

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