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Red Robynne Studios

Red Robynne Studios believes that life without dance is really not life at all. Dance creates the opportunity to learn self-expression, hard work, friendship and supporting others. It is a place to be creative, learn about music and rhythm, leadership, team work, self-respect and responsibility.


Dance is a space to learn about feedback and kindness, praise and resilience. Most importantly it is journey that teaches you to love what you do with your whole heart and discover who you really are.

Come dance with us.


• Tap
• Jazz
• Modern
• Contemporary
• Lyrical
• Ballet (choreography & polishing only)
• Acrobatics (choreography & polishing only)


• AIDT exam classes
• Group and private classes
• Open classes
• Choreography
• Fitness classes
• Competition coaching & training


We welcome anyone who wants to have fun with dance, from beginners to advanced dancers.


Classes are taught
from ages 3 to 103!


Robynne Versfeld

Creating a space for FUN in dance!


Robynne Versfeld is the heart of Red Robynne Studios. She has earned a number of successes in her own dance career in various international competitions, as well as performances and staged shows. Robynne’s focus is to provide the best quality dance training possible through understanding each individual’s strengths and challenges. Robynne regularly travels overseas to compete, train and participate in workshops, bringing the most current styles back with her.

About our dance classes

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Red Robynne Studios

Robynne’s passion for dance and seeing others succeed enables every dancer at Red Robynne Studios to be guided and developed into the best performers they can be.


Our passionate teachers create the space for every dancer to grow in their own way, with life skills that carry them beyond the studio and into every day life.


Our team of highly trained teachers gives you the opportunity to experience different styles, genres and choreography.


Our training always has a personalised focus that includes:
• Preparation for the dance industry
• Interactive dance classes, and
• Music knowledge and diversity in music.