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Meet Robynne Versfeld – A Dance Luminary:

Embarking on her dance odyssey at just 3 years old, Robynne Versfeld is a beacon of excellence in the dance world. An international award-winning professional dancer, she has graced podiums worldwide, accumulating an impressive array of awards in various competitions.

Since joining the South African Dance Team in 2003, Robynne has been a formidable force, representing the nation in Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, and Showdance. Her journey is adorned with multiple World Champion titles, a testament to her versatility and mastery in each style. Awarded Junior Protea Colours in 2003 and Senior Protea Colours from 2018, her commitment to dance excellence is unwavering.

Venturing beyond traditional dance, Robynne  made a foray into Musical Theatre, leaving her mark in ‘Annie the Musical’ in 2016. With a wealth of experience from teaching across Gauteng, she now dedicates her passion and expertise to nurturing the next generation at Red Robynne Studios. Holding qualifications in AIDT Modern and AIDT Tap syllabus, Robynne is not just an instructor; she’s a guiding light in the dance community.


Introducing Taylor-Lee – A Tap Dance Virtuoso:

Since the tender age of 4, Taylor-Lee’s feet have been tapping a rhythm of dedication and excellence. A stalwart member of the South African Tap Dance Team since 2006, he’s dazzled audiences and judges alike in the IDO Tap Dance World Championships in Riesa, Germany, evolving from the Children’s category through to the Juniors and shining in the Adult sections.

Garnering his Senior Protea colours from 2018 through to 2023 for Tap Dance is just one of the many feathers in his cap. In 2015, he soared to new heights in Romania at the Dance World Cup, clinching the first place spot in the Adult Tap Solo section.

Joining Red Robynne Studios in 2017 as a full-time tap dance teacher, Taylor-Lee not only shares his incredible talent but also his deep knowledge of tap with an ever-growing pool of students. He continues to perfect his craft every day and is a vibrant presence in the competitive dance arena.

TNLD Faculty

Meet Emmanuel ‘Eman’ Thodlana – A Dance Maestro:

Starting his dance journey at 16, Eman quickly leaped into the spotlight. As a Hip Hop and Showdance powerhouse, he’s not just graced the World Championships finals; he’s also shared the stage with some of South Africa’s finest talents like Jamali, AKA, Lloyd Cele, and Micasa.

But Eman’s true rhythm beats in inspiring the youth. He’s all about sharing the life lessons, discipline, and values that dance has instilled in him. With every step and every beat, he’s not just teaching dance; he’s shaping the next generation of performers.

Class Info and FAQs

What age can children start dancing at Red Robynne Studios? Children can start exploring the world of dance with us as early as 3 years old in our Tiny Tots program. We offer a variety of classes tailored to different age groups, ensuring a supportive and age-appropriate learning environment for all our young dancers.els, and are taught from age 3+.

Do you offer classes for beginners, or do I need prior dance experience to join? Absolutely! We welcome dancers of all levels, from complete beginners to experienced performers. Our classes are designed to cater to different skill levels, ensuring everyone can learn and grow at their own pace in a supportive and fun environment.

What styles of dance do you teach at the studio? We offer a diverse range of dance styles including Tap, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Commercial Dance, Heels Class, and Barre Fitness. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive dance education that caters to varied interests and talents.

How are classes structured and what can I expect in a typical class? Our classes include Group Classes, Private Lessons, Fitness Classes, and Competition Training and Coaching. A typical class might involve warm-up exercises, technique training, choreography, and cool-down stretches. Our experienced instructors ensure each class is engaging, educational, and tailored to the needs of our students.

Our Goals:

Leading the Dance: We aim to be at the forefront of dance education, always learning, always growing.

Staying Current: Dance styles evolve, and so do we. We bring the latest and greatest in dance to you.

Skills for Life: It's not just dance steps we teach; it's life skills that dance along with you outside the studio.

Our Focus:

Love for Dance: We spark a passion for dance that lasts a lifetime, teaching discipline and grace along the way.

Growing Together: Each dancer’s journey is unique. We're here to guide, support, and celebrate every step.

A Place to Thrive: Our studio is more than a space to learn; it's a place to be inspired and to inspire.

Our Values:

Integrity & Honesty: We’re genuine in our approach, always.

Creativity & Dedication: We foster imagination and commitment, both in dance and in life.

Hard Work & Discipline: These are the keys to success, and we instill them in every lesson.

Our Philosophy:

Personal Attention: Every dancer deserves our care and focus.

Safety & Fun in Learning: Our methods are tried and true, ensuring a safe, enjoyable journey in dance.

Appreciation for All Styles: From Tap to Ballet, we love and teach them all.

Your Trusted Guide: For dancers and parents alike, we’re here to advise, guide, and support.